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How to Purchase BUSINESS SENDER.. Step by Step!!

1. First decide which Package you want 1) Single System 2) Reseller 3) RE-Brand (you can Upgrade Reseller To RE-BRAND/WhiteLable Anytime)

2. You are in Register to Get Started

3. After Register You Redirect to Purchase Request Page (Next Page) Confirm your purchase by Making Online Payment Via Razor Pay(or you can select Offline Mode)

4. Once Payment Successful Instantly you able to see your purchased licence under > Licence Menu Or Payment History Page

5.You can Download the system generated invoice anytime

6.Now Download the Business Sender Software from Given link and use your licence key while installing

7. All Your Licence Key will be in your Dashboard You can access Anytime

8.Just give software file download link and licence key to your customer Thats all!!

9.Once They Activate Their Details Comes Under Your Clients Menu Automatically You can Deactivate/Activate Any time!

10.[Optional] Reseller Renewal Fee Yearly [USD 14] [INR 990/-] For Your Dashboard and 100 New Licence Key

11.[Optional] Rebrand Renewal Fee Yearly [USD 150] [INR 9990/-] For Your Dashboard and Unlimited New Licence Keys

BUSINESS SENDER RESELLER : You can Resell your 100 Licence Keys Anytime, acsess Dashboard from any Device, NO TIME LIMIT
or even use Multiple "100 Systems, 1 Year Each" or "For Your 1 System Use All 100 Keys (Each Key Validity By Deafult 1 Year), Lifetime Free Software Updates for Resellers)

Good News! : Your Licence key validity only start ON THE DATE, WHEN YOU USE! NOT FROM DATE OF PURCHASE

                Business Sender Website Link                 ||                 Terms of Service Link                 ||                 Help Desk Link                 ||                 G-EXTRACTOR Link                 ||                 Linkedin Extractor Link ||                 Tally Auto WhatsApp Module Link